The Beauty Of Car Parks…No Really!

The Beauty Of Car Parks…No Really!

At C&O Powder Coatings we are involved in a huge variety of projects, from big to small, local to international.

We have worked on airports and sports stadiums, high-rise apartment complexes, hospitals and universities. The architecture is always impressive; sometimes there are bold colours and other times it’s sleek metallics. All beautiful buildings as you might expect, but what about the ones you might not expect?

When you think of multi storey car parks, the word ‘beautiful’ might not be the one that immediately springs to mind! But car parks are an essential part of our infrastructure and help to form the landscape of our major towns and cities, so there’s no need for them to be an eyesore. At C&O we’re here to advocate for the humble car park and the beauty that can be found even in this most mundane of buildings…

We’re highlighting two of our recent car park projects that we think are truly stunning examples of modern architecture; the multi storey car park at Leeds University Campus and, most recently, the regeneration of the Lincoln Transport Hub.

Multi Storey Car Park, Leeds University Campus

This impressive structure was completed in 2016, providing the University campus with much needed extra parking provision. The stunning design features bespoke aluminium cladding panels with façade lighting to create what we think is a pretty beautiful car park, as far as car parks go! You can read more about this project in our case study here.

Lincoln Transport Hub

Work was completed on the regeneration of the Lincoln Transport Hub just earlier this year. The £30m project includes a bus station, entrance to the city’s railway station and a 1,000-space multi storey car park. The striking colour scheme and high specification finish, utilising a combination of expanded mesh cladding and brise soleil, all come together to create a truly impressive new feature for the city centre. Again, you can get more information on this project in our case study here.

Can’t get enough car parks? Neither can we!

Take a look at our project pages for Manchester First Street and Blackpool Victoria Hospital car parks for even more.