Key products available

A major benefit of powder coating is the variety of finishes, textures and technologies available to the customer.

Solid Colours

The RAL and BS ranges are the most commonly specified and as such form the backbone of our stock range.


As well as the RAL metallic range, manufacturers have their own unique collections of smooth and textured colours. Popular ranges include: Interpon Futura and Brilliance, Syntha Pulvin Synthatec Metallics, Dupont Alliages & Variances, Classic and Mineral.


Whilst retaining the excellent mechanical properties of powder coating, leatherette paints are only suitable for indoor applications. Their decorative appearance makes them a perfect choice on rougher substrates such as mild and galvanised steel. Typical applications are furniture, lighting and shop fittings. Finer textures are also available. These have the added benefit of retaining their architectural external quality but with a smoother appearance to cover any surface imperfections. Popular ranges include Interpon Fiji and Dupont Fine Textured Collection.


Utilising the properties of silver as a natural bactericide, these paints have been successfully tested against bacteria such as Salmonella, E Coli and MRSA. Ideal applications for this technology are food processing equipment, home appliances, furniture, and medical products.


This is a recent development in powder coatings. These finishes match the surface appearance of natural anodising, as well as some of the more popular metallic shades. With guarantees available for up to 40 years they can also provide a more cost effective option for customers.

Useful Documentation

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