Technical performance

C & O’s powder coating passes all these requirements and conducts daily tests to ensure such standards are maintained. These include:

Adhesion By Cross Cut

In accordance with ISO2409 no detachment of film from the substrate other than debris from the cutting operation. No removal of the film under the tape should be evident.


In accordance with ISO 1519, no cracking, flaking or film deformation above 5mm.

Impact Resistance

In accordance with ASTM D2794, no cracking or detachment of coating using a weight of 0.908 kg with a diameter of 15.9mm

Drill, Mill & Saw

Coatings must withstand drill, mill and sawing operations similar to the process of fabrication and installation of the coated product. There should be no flaking, tearing or removing of the film.

Pressure Cooker

Coating immersed in 25mm of deionised water for duration of 2 hours.

Acetic Acid Salt Spray

In accordance with ISO 9227 there shall be no blistering of more than 2mm from the scribe after duration of 1000 hours.


As an approved applicator, C & O Powder Coatings has the ability to guarantee paint work on aluminium for up to 40 years.

Guarantees for sites in standard locations are normally 30 years in duration, 40 if a higher UV resistant product is applied. A site deemed hazardous would be a marine, industrial or swimming pool location. For such sites prior notice must be given to C & O in order for all the local atmospheric conditions to be assessed. Guarantee request forms are submitted for review to the paint manufacturer who will award a guarantee on certain conditions.

As an applicator, typical requirements are a minimum paint thickness of 60 microns, the customer must oversee the maintenance and care of the paint finish once installation is complete. Guidelines on the classifications of sites and maintenance required are available as downloadable PDF files. It is vital that notice is given prior to, during, and after all work is complete for the guarantee to be awarded. Once the project is finished, a certificate can be awarded to the customer.