Phase One


This stage is vital in allowing the paint finish to perform to its full potential. All paints are porous and will over time allow atmospheric conditions to permeate through the coating onto the metal. To safeguard against this, all substrates are chemically pre-treated in order to protect against corrosion and promote good adhesion.

Phase Two


After pre-treatment the metal is suspended on a conveyorised production line and passes into the spray booth for coating. The powder which is held in a fluidised hopper bed is carried to the spray gun using compressed air. As the powder passes out of the gun, the particles are charged and therefore attracted to the earthed piece of metal. This creates an even coating as it wraps around the work piece.

Phase Three


After coating, the production line moves the work into the tunnel oven where it is baked. Once the curing is complete the substrate is inspected for defects, paint thickness, colour and gloss level. Provided there are no issues, the product is packed and made ready for despatch.