Key Markets In The Powder Coating Industry

Key Markets In The Powder Coating Industry

Powder coating is a versatile process that is used across a wide variety of sectors.

It isn’t just used in large scale building projects and manufacturing, you’ll find a great number of powder coated items in your own home! The powder coating industry is far reaching and you might be surprised to find just how many things we see and use every day that have been finished with powder coating. Here we go into a bit more detail about just some of the many sectors we cover…

Home Appliances

You may not have realised, but the majority of the appliances in your home will have been powder coated! From the fridge-freezer to the washing machine and tumble dryer all the way down to the toaster and kettle, those shiny tough finishes are all courtesy of powder coating.


Powder coating is ideal for any tools or appliances designed for outdoor use, as its tough and durable finish means it can stand up to the elements once you abandon the lawnmower for the winter (and the barbecue for, well, most of the year!). Your patio furniture doesn’t rust as it sits through a soggy British summer because, you guessed it, it’s been powder coated!


Powder coating isn’t suitable for the final finish of a car; that is to say the shiny, colourful bit we love to spend our Sunday mornings buffing to perfection. However, all the inner workings that make your pride and joy work as it should, those are all finished with powder coating. From the wheels, bumpers and door handles all the way down to the chassis itself. 


From high-rise buildings to sports stadiums, powder coating is a key part of much of the architecture we see in our towns and cities. So many structural components are coated; aluminium walls and doors, facades and gutters, even mailboxes get the powder coating treatment.