C&O Granted Qualicoat License

C&O Granted Qualicoat License

C&O Powder Coatings are pleased to announce that we have added to our extensive list of accreditations, having been granted a Qualicoat license following a successful audit.

Commencing in March of this year, we began the accreditation process to gain this quality certification.

In order to be recommended for approval, an applicator must complete the rigorous audit process. This consists of a preliminary visit followed by one additional announced visit and one final un-announced.

Products are tested throughout the visits, as well as all aspects of the process being highly scrutinised.

Samples are also retained for further laboratory tests, including Acetic acid salt spray and Machu.

It was finally confirmed in November that we had successfully completed all stages and were granted the license.

You can view all of our accreditation certificates here.