Pleckgate Maths & Computing College

Pleckgate Maths & Computing College

Pleckgate Mathematics and Computing College, is the first Building Schools For the Future (BSF) College in Blackburn, and one of a growing number of new schools using Senior Hybrid Systems.

The innovative £25m school design uses some stunning colours to one of the main Hybrid Curtain Wall facades. Nine huge Vertical Louvre Blades, each made up of four specialised extrusions, are fixed through the Curtain Wall System and are finished in various bright colours. Offering perfect ‘form and function’, the Louvre Blades both enhance the schools appearance whilst reducing solar gain.

Pleckgates Hybrid installation consists of external Anodised Aluminium combined with 100% PEFC accredited Natural Spruce to the inside. The Hybrid System uses quality ‘Engineered’ Timber Profiles which are factory produced to give uniform strength, rigidity, size and weight which out-perform traditional Solid Wood Profiles. Internally glazed 28mm high performance Double Glazed Units complete the installation.

Aluminium Curtain Walling has also been used to various areas of the facade, and the main high use traffic Doors are completed in Senior’s high performance Commercial Doors. What is consistent is the external finish of the Project and the seamless way that both Senior’s Aluminium and Senior’s Hybrid Composite Systems link together to create a bespoke installation.




£25 Million